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Best Local Rated is designed to showcase the best business your local area has to offer. We want all our local business that have been listed to be recognised for all the hard work they put in to offer you a fantastic service.  We handpick the best business in the categories from your local area and conduct a review of their business. If we are satisfied that they are genuinely the best in your local area we list them for free! We are constantly updating our website so if you know any business who deserve to be showcased, please let them know so they can apply to be listed.

We have designed our site to provide everything you need to pick the best local rated business easily and efficiently. We don’t want your email address or to make an account all the business details are listed with contact number, address, social media links so you can make a transparent decision on who to spend your hard money with! All we ask is that you tell the business that you have used that you saw them on